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AEPS® is widely regarded as one of the best curriculum-based, criterion-referenced tools in the early childhood field. Study after study has shown that AEPS improves child outcomes.
A comprehensive linked system
Unlike tools with add-on tests or activities for children with disabilities, AEPS was designed to link assessment, goal development, intervention, and evaluation for the purpose of improving outcomes for children with disabilities or developmental delays. Extensive research and field-testing show that the comprehensive, seamlessly linked AEPS is reliable and valid and results in measurable, meaningful progress for children birth to 6 years. And not just for children with disabilities—all children, including those who are typically developing and those who are at risk.
The highly sensitive AEPS Test accurately measures children's progress in six key developmental areas: fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, adaptive, social-communication, and social. With AEPS Test results, providers can create higher quality IFSP/IEP goals—goals that are measurable, functional, and easier to sequence and embed in daily activities. The hundreds of targeted activities in the AEPS Curriculum are keyed directly to AEPS Test items and enable providers to zero in on the programming that will enable all children to make the most progress.
One solution for programming, accountability, and eligibility
Accurate assessment, meaningful IFSP/IEP goals, and effective intervention programming have been the hallmarks of AEPS since 1974. And because AEPS is one of the most accurate assessments and has been proven to boost progress in children with disabilities, it's also the ideal system for meeting the other challenges your program faces—accountability and eligibility.
Coupled with the AEPS print manuals, the web-based management system AEPSinteractiveā„¢ (AEPSiā„¢) turns AEPS Test scores into OSEP Child Outcomes Reports with a single click. You can be confident that your OSEP reports are reliable and valid and exportable into any format your state requires. In another one-click report, you can compare a child's AEPS Test scores with rigorously researched cutoff scores to determine or corroborate the child's eligibility for services in most states' systems.
Save time and manage your data
Using AEPSi allows professionals to focus on children, not paperwork. The secure, web-based tool streamlines AEPS administration and features powerful functions that make it easy to record, score, track, aggregate, archive, and report on the results of the AEPS Test. You can create customized child observation forms, including forms that allow providers to assess multiple children at the same time using new sets of assessment activities that cover all of the items on the AEPS Test. AEPSi also enables providers to quickly identify IFSP and IEP targets and build progress-over-time reports for individual children.
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